Riding on the Wings of the Caribou

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm still taking up....evidenced by the fact that I just wrote "I'm still taking up." I think my brain's just a little woozy from small group saturation. Concurrently I'm learning how to and actually starting to interview potential group leaders, meeting and catching up with current leaders, helping develop a strategy for married and singles target events, while immersing myself in the ministry culture of FCC. Fortunately I'm doing none of the above on my own, well at least not yet. As I've already said and will say a million times, I'm part of an awesome team! I'm afraid a certain someone is ready to boot the little birdy out of the nest sooner than later assuming that birdy can fly. The birdy? Not so sure!

Today's one of those days - of which I'm sure there will be many - where I just need to jump on the back of the Caribou and hope it'll give me wings. (Sorry but Red Bull just isn't a tasty morning beverage and I think a Caribou has a better chance at taking flight than an aluminum can anyway)